Colorful Jordan Shoes Basketball

Purple Air Jordans? Wait, are not Jordans supposed to be white, black or red? Yes, Jordan's basketball shoes are traditionally white and black. These were the colors that Michael Jordan wore during the NBA NBA career. As a result, it would only make sense that Jordan Brand would not break away from tradition and continue to cast the same color as MJ in court. After all, Michael played the Chicago Bulls, which are colors … Well, you know what colors the Bulls are wearing.

Time has changed. Not just things have changed in the shoe, things have changed in Jordan's shoes. Jordan's basketball shoes are still in the traditional colors, but some of them are not in the traditional color. Jordan PIT High Flyer is a perfect example of a new Jordan shoe that breaks the colorful tradition. This shoe was purple and Carolina Blue fell. This is two colors that we have not seen in the past in Jordan shoes. This shoe is also available in traditional white and black colors.

Colorful page, this new Jordan, like many other Jordanian, offers great performance. Both the full grain leather and the free leather are located at the top of the shoe. The Phylon midsole and the Nike Vis-Air unit in the corner provide the perfect cushioning. This shoe is just a shoe that the Jordan brand continues to release, offering both quality, performance and affordability. $ 115, this is Jordan, which is in court.

Another good example of a high-quality, high-performance Jordan shoe that has fallen on some non-traditional color schemes, the Jordan Phase 23 Hoops. This shoe appeared yellow, green, and varsity royal colorways. There are also some rare, red color boards. Like Jordan PIT, this shoe uses the upper and full length Phylon mid-skirt. Phase 23 Hoops is another Jordanian shoe, which is very affordable for $ 110.

The high profile that continues to appear Jordan Retros always devotes the utmost attention. And for good reason. These are historical pieces that are limited in liberation and are really epic shoes. But the Jordan brand is quietly releasing some very good quality shoes in a variety of colors at affordable prices. In fact, there is a shoe for all types of basketball and casual shoes fanatics. Looks like the guys at Jordan Brand will make sure of it.