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Information about Michael Jordan – Part 2

In high school, Michael Jordan became a better student, focusing more on his studies and three different sports – football (where he played), baseball, basketball. After being eliminated from the basketball team until the second year of age, he began to put more emphasis on sport and practiced with the varsity coach each morning. Jordan […]

The game's masters: Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the few athletes who come up with successive generations to have a profound impact on the beloved game. Jordan entered the NBA in 1984 after having run his college NCAA a few years ago. He quickly started to influence the team and generally the NBA's success. At the time he […]

Michael Jordan's legacy

Despite being retired for many years, Michael Jordan is still widely seen as the biggest basketball player ever to play the game. His influence was not only played in the game, but also in the world. Finally, the excellence of sport played a role in promoting the basketball and national basketball associations in the eighties […]

Michael Jordan – Basketball legend

Space Jam is a man with his own shoe, his rap career, Warner Brothers, a filmmaker. and is undoubtedly the most prestigious basketball player in the generation. With the 2 Olympic Gold Medals, 6 NBA Champions and 5 MVP titles at the top of numerous awards, it's no surprise that Michael Jordan became the ESPN […]