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Air Jordan 11 – a short story

Air Jordan 11 is by far one of the most popular shoe manufacturing in footwear culture and Michael Jordan's most desirable shoe. Originally, in 1995, shoes were introduced to the creation of Tinker Hatfield, who gained his position as MJ Signature Shoe in 1988 when he first designed Air Jordan 3. Jordan's performance in shoes […]

Custom Made Jordans – How to Make Air Jordans

Nike launched a series of jordan shoes when the starting basketball, Michael Jordan, made waves in basketball history. They launched the jordan label shoes that took nike sports, and officially launched the nike and jordan brand, which still takes on the majority of nike sports sales. Custom-made jordanes are very different from originally produced jordanes. […]

Michael Jordan Wealth Mentality

Making a year to $ 250,000 sounds like an unavailable amount for some people. But if you have the "Michael Jordan Wealth Mentality", it will be available. Michael Jordan is arguably the biggest basketball player playing the game. I remember that NBA TV analyst Ahmad Rashad asked Jordan in an interview that he consistently scored […]

ADHD – good or bad for athletes?

Preserving ADHD Benefits Many athletes, regardless of whether they are aware or not, are struggling with ADHD. Some have become world-class stars such as Michael Phelps, Magic Johnson, Jason Kid, Babe Ruth and many more. According to various researchers, people with syndrome are characterized by creativity, thought flexibility, chaotic situations, and multi-tasking skills. Does this […]

New Jordan Shoes Benefits From Nike

Jordan shoes are a special shoe line from the world of sporting goods and Nike brand. These shoes have begun for legendary basketball for Michael Jordan. The benefits of this popular shoe brands include the following. If you are basketball, you will need a shoe that provides comfort when you require fast cuts or failures […]

Pippen shoes

When you hear Chicago Bulls, a person remembers, Michael Jordan. Indeed, M J or "His Airness" is one, if not the best player ever played in the basketball game. His legacy was so great that so many aspiring basketball players and young professional players sought and respected him. However, Jordan would not have been as […]