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Basketball teams have prized options

The team does not have to stop a general trophy for each player in their daily practice, both in practice and in the game, for their outstanding daily reward, which each player needs to give as he mixes on the school stage. This year, we issue prizes that teammates proudly present, whether medals, trophies or […]

Basic skills of basketball

To learn the best skills of basketball players, you must first understand and master the basics of the game. Basketball has 6 different skill areas that players need to concentrate on training. Dribbling Basketball is played to move the ball only if passage is not a better option and a track is not available. Both […]

Basketball problems

Players and coaches need to have a thorough knowledge of the many problems encountered during the basketball season. Below are some of these situations. first What is the right method to cover the shooter after a long shot? Do not turn your head to follow the ball. Finish a quarter turn and work with the […]

Air Jordans

In 1984, the Nike Athletic Shoe Company went through roughly. The jogging faded from the 1970s cooled down, aerobics warmed up and consumers were looking for companies like Reebok and LA Gear to meet their new athletic shoe needs. Nike was forced to drastically reduce the number of sponsored athletes and to lay off 10 […]