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Basic skills of basketball

To learn the best skills of basketball players, you must first understand and master the basics of the game. Basketball has 6 different skill areas that players need to concentrate on training. Dribbling Basketball is played to move the ball only if passage is not a better option and a track is not available. Both […]

Basketball problems

Players and coaches need to have a thorough knowledge of the many problems encountered during the basketball season. Below are some of these situations. first What is the right method to cover the shooter after a long shot? Do not turn your head to follow the ball. Finish a quarter turn and work with the […]

Lebron Arrives Early – Look at Duncan and Jordan!

The most successful high school basketball player has had very little chance of meeting the expectations of basketball fans who were struggling with another Jordanian-proportional player. The hype was so irregular that they talked about the Sports Illustrated cover (they talked about someone's chances, that is, the curse) when he was a high school leader, […]