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Lebron Arrives Early – Look at Duncan and Jordan!

The most successful high school basketball player has had very little chance of meeting the expectations of basketball fans who were struggling with another Jordanian-proportional player. The hype was so irregular that they talked about the Sports Illustrated cover (they talked about someone's chances, that is, the curse) when he was a high school leader, […]

Air Jordans

In 1984, the Nike Athletic Shoe Company went through roughly. The jogging faded from the 1970s cooled down, aerobics warmed up and consumers were looking for companies like Reebok and LA Gear to meet their new athletic shoe needs. Nike was forced to drastically reduce the number of sponsored athletes and to lay off 10 […]

The story of sport is Slam Dunks

There is always anomalousness in a sportlessness, a kind of breed. Football was Pele, Golf Tiger Woods, Bicycle Lance Armstrong, Hockey Wayne Gretsky, Swimming Michael Phelps and Basketball Michael Jordan. These people are not just athletes who are legendary and dignified. Their story shows us that the super stars of humanity are not just born, […]

Jordan Vs James

5 huge differences between Michael Jordan and LeBron James This summer will be the biggest off season in NBA history. There are so many free agents going to new homes. LeBron James is the largest and most popular free agent. Despite the fact that LeBron shows many similarities with Michael Jordan, I have created five […]