Can the Knicks play playoffs 09-10?

What happened to the New York Knicks State Basketball? Do you remember the glory days of the 80s and 90s? It all revolved around one man, an underestimated NBA superstar whose impact was not really recognized until the team collapsed as he aged and retired. Patrick Ewing was a true franchise player in every sense of the word and had a greater impact on the Knicks than any player in franchise history.

There was a dark period led by Iziah Thomas, and the Knicks were a laughing stock for the NBA for several years.

The new coach, Mike D & # 39; Antoni came in last season (formerly with the Suns) and his new offensive style was accompanied by a home run that sent out a bunch of players that the staff felt might be bad for the team. .

The Knicks had a shell on an earlier post, but there was a group of guys willing to play hard. The team failed, however, and finished 32-50 last in the division.

Can the Knicks re-group in 09-10 and bring him into the playoffs for the first time in a few years? Well, the net must be weaker if you lost Vince Carter, but it's just a team.

The Knicks need the key contribution of a developing youth like Wilson Chandler, David Lee and Nate Robinson to make an impact. Even Danilo Gallinari will have higher expectations in his second year. It's a mountain battle, but it's a team of players who are willing to fight hard for it.