Boo Boo 3

Many people enjoy watching sports and people who really get into their favorite sports are involved in different ways by involving their families and friends if they are able to do so. Thanks to the excitement of the game, cheering, laughter, and crying hit the tears of competition, bad calls and the odd-trained monstrous opponents. Some people offer gaming parties at home. Others can travel far and wide, to see a live game and the party before and after the event.

Especially those who wear a uniform to play their favorite sport, memorable memories come into play on the day of the game. By tracking each player, fans can enjoy fun sharing gamers' hopes and wins and welcome them if these players dream of being injured because of injury or scandal. I have a friend who comes from a family of four generations and enjoys basketball sport. He told me that he was a kid in basketball and did not do it because he chose the game. He loved and still likes. In addition, he went far into the game: a high school shootout and a guard at the college basketball team.

His first-born son in his family, my friend, understood that Kosovo's heroes – the next generation – are his responsibilities. There are two brothers who have been given this responsibility, but my girlfriend's wife was first pregnant. Every generation of the family roared with my friend and wife who refused to recognize the gender of her child before birth, just to observe everyone. Assuming that as a boy many blue gifts were sent before birth.

My friend saw that he was putting his newborn in his wife's arms and at that moment ignited. Then she looked at her husband and said something to her. He said, "I'm goodbye." And he told me that he said the same thing for the next two births, and Boo Boo 3 was the last and last edition of the family. All three girls are owned by the generations of their families. Great basketball players too. Boo Boo 3 won a dormitory scholarship for the game! I like this story. Such a blessed family, my friend, and the family tradition of love in the basketball game will pass on to the next generation. # TAGscript

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