Best NBA Player – Kobe or LeBron?

A few years ago, it was difficult for Kobe Bryant or LeBron James to be the best professional basketball player today.

Many people are surprised. After all, Bryant is 31 years old, when most professional athletes start to decline. Few people would have expected this season to remain the leader of the championship in the game points. Bryant averages 30.6 per game nearly two higher than James & 28.9 per game.

Of course, LeBron provides more rebounds and help each other, as a rare combination of both categories makes it a truly unique and talented player. Then again, Kobe is not too far, average every night at 5 this season.

We can look at the statistics all day and try to break these two to find out who is better. We may be in the circle, as they may occasionally happen to each of them. Finally, James may have a bit more impressive stats. The effect of multiplier statistics that each player's team exercises. As fortune happens, both records are very similar.

Los Angeles has 26-6 in the season, the best win in the NBA. Although their record is somewhat better than the Cleveland 27-8, they should strive for this.

The Cavs has been set off slowly, but since then he has really turned things around. The team currently enjoys 7 winning streaks and seems to get used to the big Shaquille O & # 39; Neal's presence in the center.

The last thing we want to look at is the talent that everyone plays around it. We could have made Kobe have more talent, but he had a championship in last season. LeBron did not do that because the team was upset by Magic in the conference finals.

We could probably go around every day.