Basketball Tips 1 – Improve your decision-making skills

Sometimes these bad days are likely to be too bad – too busy, the coach shouts and tells you that you made the wrong decisions as long as you only want to improve your game. Do you want to avoid these situations and dramatically improve your performance? – Read the next tip carefully.

Making the Right Choices

Choosing the right choice for basketball is one of the most important aspects that a player must take into account. No matter if a player runs faster or higher than anyone else in the court, if he is too many times turning the ball, he just sits on the bench. Steve Nash For example, he is not higher or faster than other talented NBA players, yet he chose NBA MVP … The Secret of Decision Making Skills .


(1) The athletic ability is great – it definitely gives you the chance to play, but clever decision-making skills are retained in court.

(2) While your team is in the offense, the trainer expects to read the game and identify the shooting options. Besides, while listening to his or her instructions. [3] Smart basketball players are the ones who quickly and quickly analyze the game to find the options that allow them to make the right choices. [19659002] Do you want to improve your decision-making skills?

Well, dripping is easy for you, as is the instructions of the next coaches. Now, after the coaches have instructed the bench, while dribbling is not that simple.

Here is one of the best basketball tips that will improve your decision-making skills in court:

Begins dribbling up and down the court; try mixing it with your feet or behind it, etc. While doing this, do the following:

(1) The lettering of A-B-C is not that difficult. Do not stop dripping.

(2) A-B-C is reverse-switched Z-Y-X. Now it's not that easy …

(3) If you do this drill, enter your first first name, age, and phone number. etc – everything back.

This practice helps you think while doing other basketball tasks. It helps to get better in court.