Basketball – The power of symbolism during the free kick

As a trainer and teacher I have learned some things for about 40 years. Learning is an interesting thing, and I still think that some of us consider it self-explanatory. "Life" is a huge journey that has been steadily studying to help us improve our station in life, hopefully enjoy a respectable life and ultimately live in all aspects of our lives. Learning helps to make decisions so that we can be accountable whether it's right or not?

"Elected" power is probably the greatest power we live in. Everything we do can be traced back to a thought, then to a choice that ultimately leads to a series. I do not want to be too philosophical here, but this article is about affecting the visual symbols that are likely to last for a lifetime. Charles Garfield once said, "One of the most important factors of self-management, It is important to understand that self-observation is not the same as criticism, judgment or analysis paralyzing, rather consistent follow-up of individual performance."

Another cause of symbolism, that the greatest teacher of Jesus Christ taught in parables and symbols and if these parables and symbols gave me a lasting impression in my mind I hope that this will affect you readers

During the many years of teaching I found that I used more and more visual or symbol to help the students to see what I see. Another tutorial is like an overhead projector that projects a picture on a screen. There is a visual one there. It looks like we're going faster on the same page.

There are four reasons to use symbols among my coaching methods.

  1. Symbols can create principles that help recall important concepts
  2. Symbols can represent and create the feelings that can be controlled
  3. Symbols can teach different principles for personal learning or updating skills
  4. with imaginary images or pictures.

As I said before when free throws are taken in an extremely consistent and effective way, it is not just a "man." You have to be "human action". Shooters are not born. They made. So the first key is to find its maximum capacity like a free throw shooter, find out it is your best average on the line. If the best of the world, namely NBA players, make up 72% on average, you can measure the numbers that are really mediocre for such a simple and repetitive ability.

William James wrote this comment, which is perfect for my message. He claimed, "The soul that is given by a great idea or new understanding will never return to its original dimensions completely." Therefore, after you reach 90% of the line, you will not return to 70% again. You will respect your changes by increasing your number through cognitive learning.

Since there are about 25 scientific principles that must be respected in the case of free throws or the inclusion of three indicators, I have found that there is some symbolism under all principles. Keep in mind that every principle has some scientific binding and little if there are shortcuts. Try to stop with gravity. Try using lead-free gas. These are scientific principles that we all respected that fear or knowledge is indifferent. The result is the same and we want this, positive confirmation and instant satisfaction.

Symbolism of the Shooting Mechanism :

1. The "Life of the Free Toss" which is only about a second, symbolic of "life." The free kick takes a second and life is approximately 75 years, depending on whether you are male or female. Women are blessed and, on average, a few years after scientific studies. A perfect free throwing shot is needed. IT is the goal. The motivation, desire, commitment, knowledge, and never-ending practice of perfect principles are necessary to achieve the desired outcome, which is perfection.

To lead the almost perfect "life", the same process is needed. The goal is heaven or eternal life. (Pardon to atheists and non-believers, my intention is not to hurt my feelings). Finding and obtaining the right knowledge, applying the principles taught, a certain predicted (good or bad) path, personal motivation, commitment, practice, and principles and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat give the desired result. Tell me if it's tougher to learn one second to free your basketball game or 75 years to master yourself in the game of life

. Hand-ball connection . Not only do you need to place your hand with your index finger 90 degrees at the seams (the seams here are not important, but the index finger is in the middle of the ball). The hands should be as wide as possible to lower the palm of the ball and the level of consistency with the wide hand is easier.

Symbolism is here to write with pen or pencil. Do not you always get your fingers on the writing device each time and do not write it with your fingers, not your body's arms and your big muscles? The fingers are walking. Advertising Yellow Cards Can Make Ringing

. Guide is hand . This supportive hand that stabilizes the ball during pickup or catching

Symbolism here is the visual space shuttle that is ready for exploding space. Only a few moments later, the rockets blasted and smashed the smoke into the ground, and in the atmosphere they saw that the metal racks were slowly pulling out to allow the explosion.

Same as left-hand driver, The "shot pocket" extends to a few inches to allow the shot to be prevented before dragging the trigger with his right hand. (As opposed to left shooters)

4. The "shot pocket" is the location of the body where the ball arrives briefly after picking the ball before the ball is released. Depending on the size and strength of the shooter, the shot pocket may be. It may be close to the abdomen or to the chest, or to the right side of the face, or even behind the head.

Symbolism is here before switching on before pushing the trigger.

If there is no pause before you pull the trigger, then the shot can be termed "chuck" or thrust. The shot is disciplined and the "chuck" or thrust is inadequate. This break usually separates men from the woman due to lack of force

. The shooting arm includes the anatomical part from the shoulder joint to the wrist joint. If you straighten or "lock" your elbow during the shot so that the entire arm is straight, it actually shows a gun with the bullet in the chamber before it shoots.

6th The Tracking is the last stage of the shot and is simply the spacious open hand that begins with the spacious, large hand that looks toward the ceiling (holding the ball)

Symbolism here is like a cover (articulated ) to close it on a cake dish, as opposed to holding your whole hand into the cake bowl. The hand is slightly bent and has no bent wrists except the wrist.

7. The wide finger spreads before and after shooting Consistency in the delivery of the ball, as it keeps all fingerprints in closed mode, limiting unnecessary movement. The only wrist that bends during the shot is the wrist.

Symbolism here is like a duckling leg that always remains wide for maximum towing while rowing. Imagine taking a boat with a rowing handle instead of a paddle. The same principle. You have no direction or power with a thin track.

8 . The Shot Curve is generally the same as the release angle, which is the same as the ball angle of the ball in the basket.

Symbolism in the arc here is what you're thinking of shooting an old red British telephone booth. You certainly do not want to follow your forehead or close to your ear. [19659902] 9. "Full Tracking" is a farm pattern shot during at least until the ball reaches the rim. This is the entire arm with bent wrists and manually parallel to the floor and no knit bent.

Symbolism here is the Statue of Liberty, which holds the flaming torch proud and tall and long. (Keep the life of the shot or until it reaches the edge.)

10. On the inner edge of the shot wrist If the perfect shot pocket has just a few inches above the forehead and the inner width of the camera's wrist aligned with the center of the flange (19659002) Symbolism is the inner edge of the shooting knob in comparison with the rifle or rifle. So when you get a perfect line, the middle part of the wheel, the inner wings of the shot wrist, and your eyes are perfectly straight lines like a long shotgun.

He gave all the above Frank Andrews's symbolic meanings when he said: "It is the purpose of the dedication to turn your attention from moment to moment to your goal, because it is called devotion because you have to pay attention to the purpose as you watch it. when he realizes that your goal is shifting, he will calmly rearrange it. "It's perfectly perfect.

Copyright 2009, Ed Palubinskas. All rights reserved.

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