Basketball Sizes

NBA basketball sizes are set not only for formal men, women, and junior league matches, but also for informal games for children and young people. These size charts help you choose the right ball for yourself or your children and it is advisable to follow them closely to avoid injury during the game.

Basketball is a physically tragic game with moves that run, jump, block, and shoot. Injuries during injuries include upper and lower body injuries. Although injuries to the lower body can be prevented by proper shoes, training and cushioning, upper body injuries can be prevented by using the appropriate size and weight of basketball.

According to a survey released by the United States Center for Disease Prevention and Prevention (CDC), basketball is ranked fourth among the most serious pathogens in the United States. According to a study quoted in, basketball is causing 20% ​​of all injuries to children aged 10 to 14 years. suggests that the weight and size of the right basketball are a long way to prevent such injuries. The NBA recommended basketball size in this age group is 27.25 ", weighs about 12 oz.

Injuries due to incorrect basketball size also occur in children under the age of 7. The NBA suggests that very young children get foam or rubber basketballs 22 "circumference and weight 8 oz.

The CDC found that girls were more and more injured than boys in basketball games. For teenagers aged 14 to 16, the NBA proposes "junior" basketballs around the size of "27.75" (size 5), weighing about 18 oz.) And weighs 20 oz. (29.5 "or 7 inches), weighs 22 oz

Even football balls that are used for non-official matches include some size and weight criteria. For shooting practice, the 36" circumference of the male trainer's basketball ( Size 9). The women's basketball is 33.5 "or 8. The male weighted ball is used for muscle building exercises 29.5" the circumference and the female ball 28.5 ", weight a little more than the official balls.

the choice of appropriate balls is important for health and safety, and these guidelines must be observed for official or unofficial games when purchasing basketball.