Basketball Shooting: How To Get Accuracy, Consistency And Repeatability

I did just a few clinics in Northern California and I repeatedly noticed the critical nature of these three properties in the shooter. To have a good shot, you have to be accurate. Control is critical, especially for longer shots and at three when the basket is smaller and smaller and there is less room for error. TRAINING the performance of the shoot is also needed, otherwise its results will be streaky and spotty. And REPEATABILITY is the name we give to a movement that has learned so much and has mastered that it will automatically go on.

ACCURACY stems from the fact that the ball is in line with the shotgun and the basket, so the release movement can easily come and be retained. I see players who adjust the ball to their ears or shoulders, some even from the opposite eye or ear. If it is not in line with the shot, the direction is always a challenge. To shoot as far as the shoulder, good luck. He always struggles to put the ball on the target. There are players who have fired well (occasionally) with his shoulders, but they have tremendous concentration and confidence. The slightest doubt and the ball can be very easy from side to side.

For me, CONSISTENCY comes to shoot big muscles and less about small muscles. If you take your jumping motion earlier, you will feel what I'm talking about. They will feel the great muscles that guide things and have a large, powerful, constant energy source. If you hesitate and start using your upper body muscles, the shot will be softer and warmer as you say. Muscles are less reliable under pressure.

REPEATABILITY is what you get when you calm your wrists and hands and let the arm perform all the work of the release. The Swish method is about how to control basketball flight, how to control distance and direction. It requires maximum stress on the use of large muscles and minimizes the use of small muscles. The "huge" part of this idea is the resting of the wrist and the hand, and then releasing the ball at the same speed and power every time. If you do this, all variables on your shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, and fingers will become strenuous !!! Hope you can see the benefits. The release can stay the same, making the shot more reliable, measurable, and predictable. The lower body (legs, UpForce) provides the majority of power, the release power is the same and can simply change the arc from the control distance. It really makes it easy for anyone to learn and start to master. How far it gets to you.

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