Basketball Referee – The Best Way to Improve the Referee's Basketball Referee

Today we will talk about the only best way to improve the basketball official game – down.


Video is the only weapon in the development arsenal.

It's like you could only play three games for every game you're really working on. Unfortunately, the video is incredibly underlined. While most officials are talking about videos … they will never get the most breakdown of video. They are like a fishing knot who talks about which coil works best, which spin lures get the most bass and where they find the "big ones" … and they will never fish. Every conversation … no action.

That's actually good news for you.

The fact that it is so valuable, yet so underdeveloped, has to be a great motivator for you. In other words, if you're looking for a competition, it's here. If you want to be separated from the field, your chance is here.

An overview of video games dramatically increases growth. Personally, I think that the development will grow fourfold if you watch at least 50% of your videos … within 48 hours of the game.

I hope you've got four times as much improvement over a year!

Or by doing it differently, I think that you will have four years of improvement for each season if you break at least half of your videos at once. This is a great thing. And the only reason is that there are few that do not have the discipline to consistently implement this one step to improve their performance.

You might have a million excuses, so you can not find the time to watch the video. Now I challenge you to come up with some excuses to find time. I can think of two things: the money on top is very good, and so is the prestige.

If it could be achieved four times faster, would it be worth the effort to do? You tell me.

So … the first step is to get your video on our games – get all the games if you can. Be creative. I personally can call at least 10 ways to get a video (even a JV game!). If you think too hard then.

Then you need to find a very disciplined method of watching videos. Most officials only look at videos to look at them as a "play call". In my system, the playback call review is performed after we've covered the position and position changes. There are three main categories of video review: positioning, play call, and intangible assets.

Finally, reviewing your videos always go back and see the whole development. Find your weak points … find your strong point … and pick out the areas you're focusing on. Accept these areas for your next game, look at them the next night on the video, repeat it …

The next thing you now are is the sky behind your companions. And all you did not get disciplined for reviewing videos.

You do not have to go to the camp now to learn video reviews … you can actually learn the professional video recorder's nuts and bolts in your home.

Back to the point … and I summarize it in one sentence: You will learn to break down the video!

Continue trial, blow whistle and have fun!

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