Basketball problems

Players and coaches need to have a thorough knowledge of the many problems encountered during the basketball season. Below are some of these situations.

first What is the right method to cover the shooter after a long shot? Do not turn your head to follow the ball. Finish a quarter turn and work with the shooter toward the basket; while keeping yourself and your basket.

2nd Do you think you can safely relax in defense after you lose possession of the ball? No, because if a team uses a quick break, you can not keep the game in front of you. The defense must return to their defensive positions as soon as the ball changes. If any setbacks occur, it must be done while waiting for the crime. This is the only time to relax, not the court.

3rd Do you allow the bullet or blow of a ball in the defensive basket? No, this is a dangerous habit of developing and losing a ball game. The ball can be moved to an opponent's easy shot and fast two points.

4th If you plan two games for seventy games, how many races do you play between games? If the games are played on Tuesdays and Fridays, I'm holding hard scrimmage on Monday because there is a long rest period between Friday night and Monday practice. A light practice is planned for Wednesday. Thursday was devoted to exercises and shooting exercises, followed by a five to ten minute scrimmage. Too often and over time, the team is too enthusiastic to play. Basketball methods can be taught by other methods than scrimmage

5. Is it wise to allow players to witness other teams during the playing time? I would encourage the boys to see other teams, provided they do not interfere with their studies and relaxation. If possible, try to see the right team play. Evaluation of future opponents should be evaluated in the action. This gives them a chance to observe the strong, weak points of their opponents.

6th Which bad shooting mode do you recommend? I do not recommend any sort of malicious shots, but they encourage boys to use the most convenient shooting style. After choosing a certain type of shot approach and being very successful with it, they do not like using other types of shooting.

7th What is the best way to protect the shooting shooter after shooting the shot? As soon as the ball touches the flange or back, the player placed on the shooter board must immediately jump into the bar directly before the opponent, in front of the basket. It must be placed in such a way that the shooter can not bring it back. However, if the opposition takes possession of the ball, the guard must enter immediately to follow the shooter. This must be done quickly to prevent the opposition from coming back and getting a good shot in the basket. Is it recommended to use the back cover for shooting? The back cover is used for shooting from the side and from the basket for six or eight meters shots. Shots in front of a basket are terminated without using the back cover. Every long shot, either from the front of the basket or from the corners, should be directed to the front of the flange. Shots need to be executed without using the board.

ninth What are the most important things to observe when looking for a team? What crime are they using? Use the text? Do you use pivot playback? Are Stocks Used? Clever and aggressive like a ball? Do you use a fast break? Is the team great? Are they shot freely from the outside? What are bounce-ball shapes, out-of-bounds playing, faulty shooting options? What kind of protection are used? Are players quickly returning to the defensive position? Are all court presses used? Is the defense aggressive? Defend them defensively? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each player? Who is the best goalkeeper? Is he a good set shooter? Is he a good jump shot? Are you a bad shooter?

10th How can one attack two attacking men on the floor? Stay in the middle of the floor between the two men, whenever possible, down to one player and keep the other player at the same time. Do not leave the middle of the court. Hold your hand and gradually retire. It's a tough situation, but keeping in mind when shooting a movie, try to shoot them from the outside; Do not let them start a shot!

eleventh What's the best way to eat basketball players? Always put the runner in front of the runner so that you do not have to break the speed to catch the ball. The type of transfer depends on how long the ball should go. If you are close to cutting a man, you want a two-hand chest pass. If a longer pass is to be made, a sharp single-handed wristlet or a jumping step is recommended. Whatever you use it, do not throw it too far.

12th Some players shoot into the basket, big spin the ball; others shoot the so-called "dead" (non-spin) ball. What are you offering? I've always been in favor of a spin shot, as a ball has a much better chance of finding a goal than a dead ball. The dead ball must be absolutely true, or it must come to the edge and jump. However, a spinning ball can hit the flange, re-hit it and release the frame

. If one of your starting players has three defects in the second quarter against him, is it wise to keep in the game? Such a decision depends to a great extent on the score when a third person fails. If the game was close, I would remove him from action to save him in the second half. If we were far away, I'd let you stay in the game. Some trainer instantly removes a player who makes a mistake of three; others will not be taken out if the score is very close to the end of the first half. Other coaches think that they leave the players irrespective of the irregularities. They feel that a boy does not play well after sitting and cooling down on the bench. What do you tell the players in the mid-term break? Our leaders point out the recordings of the two teams. Working with the score book gives me a good picture of what happened in the first half. The shooting shows how opponents collide and allows us to make the necessary defensive settings. I tell the players how many personal mistakes they have made and the number of our opponents. I check the scores of all opponents and make a suggestion on how to stop the lead scoring. They tell us how much time we took. Then we move to our offense and defense and make the necessary adjustments

. What do you advise your team if the score is tied and there is a ball for two minutes? I would advise them to move the ball cautiously and watch for the sure shot. There is no long recording in this position. A lost ball, followed by a chance shot, destroyed a lot of troops. It is advisable to give the ball to the player who can drive well for the last shot.

16th If one of your rules fired at the beginning of the game and passed it, would you allow him to continue or substitute another player? I would have allowed you to stay in the game, as long as there is no chance of warming up; if there is no improvement, you may need to take him out of the game. It's not a good policy for players to worry about mistakes, fearing they are being pulled out of the game. Coaches who practice the removal of players from the game because they do not start well lead to too much pressure on the boys. If a player did a good job in the past, there is no reason to believe that he will not be straightened. The less pressure you have on a boy, the better his performance.