Basketball Positions: 5 Basketball Rankings

If we're categorized widely, basketball games have three main basketball courts: guard, forward and center. These positions are further graded, more precisely depending on the role assigned to each position, to five positions altogether. These are point guard, shooting, low forward, power forward and center. The position of each position is the responsibility of the team to the team, but the basic nature of these positions is low, which remains the same for the teams. For professional teams, the coaches simply announce the number associated with the relevant position. So you know the game and the positions in the depth are memorized with the following sequences.

first Point

2. Trencher

3. Slightly forward

4. Power forward

5. Center

The first two basketball positions backcourt

1. Point Guard: This basketball game is managed by the team's strongest players. He is the team captain and an effective ball manager. Increases team performance and helps. The point guard height is the shortest, somewhere 6 feet and 6 feet high.

2. Shooter: Basketball Position 2 or Shooter Position is the best shooter for a player. The ideal shotguns should be able to reach 20 foot high jumping shots. There is also a need for good ball management and transfer. The shooter must be able to walk inside and outside the three dotted lines. The typical shotgun is 6 feet from 3 inches to 6 feet to 7 inches.

The following three basketball positions are referred to as the foreground

3. Small Forward: This is the most competitive position. The player wants this position to be lean, fast and short. Responsibility is the power of the forerunner and the shooting situation, as well as a mix of passage, shot, rebound, and defense. In the case of roles similarity, small forward and shooter basketball positions can be exchanged when needed.

4. Power Forward: This is No. 4 and is often referred to as a big step forward as the player assigned to this position is a tall and strong team member. In an attacking game you can do the back of the basket or jump in the middle. In the defense game, you are protecting the hostile team in the basket zone or against the opposing team. Defensive and rebounding have to be alive and concentrate mainly around the basket.

5. Center forward: This is called the 5th position and is provided by the highest team member. A player close to 7 meters will usually get this spot. This basketball position is also called "Pivot" and the player's action area is near the base line. The role of this position has returned to the basket. Excellent blocking shots and rebound capabilities are required.

So we discussed the positions and skills needed for all positions. The fate of the game depends only on the right player being judged in the right position.

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