Basketball Dunking Exercises – How To Dunk In 3 Weeks!

If you are a basketball player, then you know that there are two types of players: those who can play and who can not. In your average pick-up game you will not meet many people who are able to tap. Imagine how much he could have practically jumped over anyone.

Now imagine how much work it will take to reach this level. Do you imagine? Well, I guess we; probably very bad. Dunk learning is an incredibly simple task that requires only a little work. Here are some basketball dunking exercises that give you an idea:

1. Stretch before and after each game : Not only does this prevent excessive injuries, but it warms your muscles and strengthens them. When I see the guys coming to court alone, waiting for the game, I rarely see them at the time that they fit properly. It may jump up and down a few times, but that's right. Take your time to stretch the muscles correctly.

2nd Strengthen the Most Important Muscles : The most important muscles of jumping are quads, calves and panties. During work, you can do things like lungs, squats and calves. These are the basic bread and butter works that make muscles build, but there are much better options.

3rd Balances the muscles : When you work out a glow, work on the muscle group, not just the individual muscle. This provides the injuries and the right balance. The well-toned body reaches much higher altitude than the one who only developed selective muscles.