Basics of basketball game

Basically, basketball consists of two teams, an attacking team of five players that moves the ball to the court or passes to get points when the ball is in the basket and, of course, the defensive team, which is also composed of five players, they must do everything to stop the attacking team. Both teams have to score as many points as possible within the playing time.

In most junior tournaments the deadlines are: four quarters, six minutes, temporary separation from the last two quarters. In case you have tied the game at the end of the fourth quarter, you specify the overtime period, which is a three-minute short season to determine winners.

Depending on your coach's ability to have a defensive or offensive team. Depending on what exercises you are doing and what you know or experience about basketball. However, you can find the balance between the two teams to have a balanced team, and for kids the basketball skills can be improved in a nice and balanced way. You only have to choose the style of the team according to your goals and knowledge for the rest of the team you will play in your league. The homework is a key to a good basketball season and a nice trophy.

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