Michael Jordan killed the game

The most recognizable name in basketball history is Michael Jordan. The world has no corner where the mention of "Michael" flips. As far as Air Jordan has given the game, is it possible he is responsible for killing the game? Michael Jordan cut off his team as a young team. Since that day he has […]

Michael Jordan – Basketball legend

Michael Jordan was born in 1963 in Brooklyn, the fourth of five children. This year, the family moved to Wilmington, NC. Jordan played in secondary school in secondary school. Since then he has been playing at university and has been a leader in North Carolina and studied scholarships in North Carolina. Jordan became acquainted in […]

Who is Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan is still the biggest basketball player ever to play. This was because he retired many years ago. Basketball and NBA's popularity in the 80's and 90's grew all over the world. Jordan has become a powerful marketing force and continues to be the most successful athlete of its generation. Michael Jordan played 15 […]