And1 is the professor or how to increase the vertical jump

If you did not know the And1 street team, The Professor, who is well-known for its superior ball-handling, you can not – white, white!

a number of outstanding ball players Grayson Boucher aka The professor has a fixed training that he insists on.

"Everday I've been at the gym for at least two hours, I started to stand early at 5 o'clock, I kicked my basketball training early in the morning, then I run 2 miles and raise for about an hour, too, whatever you do on the game you get. Whenever I go to the gym, this is not going to be a sweet ass workout, you can not just go to the gym and you can shoot slowly and you will be hoping every time I come I'll be at least 500 and I'm going tough When I run 2 miles, I try to keep up the difficulty for a while, and now I get 2 miles in 1330, which is hard every day, but when you begin to see the results you start to like it and become harder. I raised bulk and serious difficulties and found that speed was more important to me, like bulk weight. This year, I focus on making my feet harder than before, because I'm aiming for the next season to enjoy it regularly. "- Professor

If you ask yourself what exercises make your feet stronger, here are a few:

Jump rope:

Almost every NBA player uses this" old "practice.Jumping rope is a great way to (robustness, calf strength, etc.)

The Walls Sitting and Squatting:

These exercises help build the strength of the leg, which is a key element of athletic ability and therefore a leaping ability. is comfortable for you and there is always a coach or a training partner to work with you

But do not forget that the vertical jump is part of the leg strength and partial explosion, and the explosive part is the most important of the two. that you are not about your size, or how much weight can you put in the gym. n sports performance, coordination and capacity is rising

If you want to improve your search for specific vertical position and practices seriously, I suggest that the jump manuals.