Air Up There And1 Or How to Increase Vertical Jumping

Since the term "dunk" was born in 1936, millions of basketballs have been trying to do this "step" repertoire or at least learn. New York Times journalist Arthur Daley watched some of McPherson Oilers's basketball players and raised the ball over the basket and threw it over the platform. He compared this movement by dunking a cookie in his coffee, and the most favorite step in basketball was born.

Since then, it has been an incredible evolution of the "step" of "dumping". Julius Erving, Michael Jordan, Vince Carter – they all took the next level. Last year TJ Fontenette, also known as The Air Up There, from the street team called the AND1

became the first person to finish the 720-degree dunk – it's two full cycles in the air!

So nowadays, every puppy wants to dwindle for a long time before you can do a layup. But why is dunk so popular? Ask Vince Carter who is arguably the best dunker in the world:

"Because most people who play or play basketball in their leisure time can not do this, but they want it. Crossover, everyone can get behind the back and you find yourself halfway but how many can break down a 360? "

Simple – once you can tilt it, you never want to lose the feeling of air, spinning the sphere on the rim, the nylon or the chain, hanging and puzzled opponent who tried to stop him seconds ago …

"Balling is Better Than Sex!" – Shawn Kemp, one of the best dunkers in NBA history

This comparison is pretty much a reflection of what feeling dunk. All right, but now let's see that most people who want to play basketball and really do not want to break it.

The most popular excuse goes, "I'm too small!" And that's definitely bad. Why? Because if you are more than 5 & # 39; 7 – this is the smallest NBA slam dunk champion Spud Webb – and you have no chronic health problems (knees, ankles, backs), you can definitely learn dunk!

So, if not this height, the secret to dunking Why do so many people, even basketball players regularly do not manage to learn?

Because the only thing they think about how to increase a vertical jump is simply ignoring it's basic but Determining principles that determine your success and the specific exercises that you need to know:

1. Discipline: You must continually work with your ability to leap, without pursuing your goal without discipline, and

2. Motivation Dunking is only inadequate On the face: Every basketball wants to drain and have good motivation, basketball must really be a goal – and one important.

3. Workout Plan Write a specific workout plan and stick to it. For example: the first week: extra expenditure, running, stretching; Week 2: Squats / Jumps, Calf Raises / Jumps, Jump Rope aso

4. Concrete goals. You must have certain specific goals. For example: reaching a few inches vertically every week. Just check and record your progress. You can touch the edge with one hand and one hand, then with both hands.

5th Patience. Many people think that they will learn to go out in two weeks. It's nonsense! It is worth noticing every step of the way, your culmination (maybe you can dunk with a tennis ball?), And motivation ends.

P.S. If you take it seriously, you will get serious results!

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