Air Jordan Shoes – Style and Comfort Meet Every Step!

Air Jordan shoes is an iconic brand and is undoubtedly more famous than Nike, in some respects. This of course comes from several factors. One is that it is supported by Michael Jordan. The other is that shoe brand that constantly improves the design that an incredible shoe is even more fantastic. This makes this shoe for many professional and college-level basketball teams. The final factor is that they are the only shoe line that is treated as a recognized source of collector items. Shoes are now considered expensive at all costs, but they receive a significant amount of expense and sell shoes simply to three times.

The special shoe that is being reviewed by Air Jordan XX3. This shoe of 23 that comes from the series and the same number as the number of Michael Jordan fields, is the last shoe model that has a digit in the title. The most important feature of the shoe is the under-estimated appearance and use of technologies that make the iconic brand popular with professionals. This shoe is made of a simple look that fits it well.

Shoe design is really inspired by sprint spikes, and most reviews point to the light weight and simple design of shoes as key sales points. Shoes also support new developments, especially at TPU with an independent, modular suspension system that is used by the shoe. Unlike other generations, this is the first TPU that is completely wrapped around the leg. Combined with a rigid structure, the shoe is not supported earlier.

The upper style of the shoe also offers a lot to offer. The upper part of the shoe turns higher than the ankle, providing greater support and preventing the ankle annoyance that may occur during the basketball game. The shoe has a great style that reduces friction and Achilles pressure. tendon.

Despite the great innovations, there are still some mistakes with the shoe. First, following a lighter shoe leaves the Air Jordan XX3 shoe vulnerable to some important areas. First, cushioning, while originally appropriate to wear over time. One of the inspectors during the testing of shoes over three months saw that the forearm leg attenuation could be regarded as reduced. The shoes were worn 3-4 times a week at this time much less than in an average NBA season. Another problem is the rubber sole, which is thinner than in previous models. This has caused problems such as corner sliding.

The Air Jordan XX3 shoe is quite solid and well with its predecessors, although the pursuit of ease makes it possible to make some mistakes that need to be re-treated later.

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