Air Jordan Legacy – part 2 5

Nike went further with AJVIII and MJ, and her shoes received international exposure at the 92 Summer Olympics. He paid even more attention to himself and Nike when he led the Bulls to the 3-Peat in Jordan VIII. The only Air Jordan that ever has and will probably have straps ever has the VIII; expected more support and better fit, this was a completely new concept for AJs. The lightweight Huarache-like top disappeared as the inner shoe remained and colored splashes were added near the corner. Detailed lovers should take note of the Jumpman logo around the carpet in the language and # 23; they realized that this shoe was only made in 3 colors (one for the NBA season and one for the Olympics).

The Air Jordan IX was a deviation from what came earlier. Many people describe "moon boot" as initially hating or loving shoes, and of course controversial as the shoes Michael never wore under his basketball until the third and final return (retro). While retaining the inner booties, there was a new kind of innovation when the designer added "speed-lacing" to the Jordans for the first time during the history of airlifting, so this model created comfort and comfort. Two style features have been introduced: the upper reflective spots blinked lightning and foreign languages ​​and a globe mixed with the numbers. and 1994 & # 39; add a class. Although the experimental moonlighting shook some people from the moment it was made of a solid material such as leather, nubuck, and netting, which basically remained.

With the release of AJX, both Nike and Michael Jordan presented the pages in their collective history. Air Jordan X has already "retired shoes" collected and recorded the results of MJ in shoes, such as the list of nostalgic memories.

However, there were some special qualities that, however, highlighted; such as the unusual sensation of the shoe as an atypical basketball shoe, the full grain leather and the tip of the Venetian, giving classical and elegant look. Given the special materials and envelope colors that match the NBA team uniforms (only Bulls have been sold), AJX picked up separate shoes and not just the "retired" Jordan model.

Nike had to feel the pressure to do a little, and the mood could have hesitated before the release of Air Jordan XI, but Nike and Michael finally answered in reply to all their critiques. The AJXI is truly a classic classic and almost everyone's favorite peak in Jordan's list because it simply performs well and looks even better. One of the most important reasons is the introduction of patented leather with a combination of leather in black leather, along with the crystal clear base on the Space Jam model, which captures the athletic shoe world in a storm. The patented leather combination is nylon mesh balanced, the upper for an attractive and functional performance shoe. In addition to the excellent design and material of the XI, there were practical aspects such as rotary blade stem, bounce and support as well as patented Nike Air distortion to help absorb the heel and foot. This model Air Jordan was a huge hit like a Retro, especially the above-mentioned Space Jam in its wonderful color path.

After the huge success of the AJXI, what can we do for a key? & # 39; Nike had to think. Enter Air Jordan XII.

Well, what Tinker Hatfield and his team did was keep up the pace of the shoe a step further, with more advanced support technology, top quality materials, and sweet little signatures. It does not hurt either. Jordan dominated Utah Jazz at AJ 12 and won another championship title while the influence game has been labeled for our ever-faded collective memorial tablet. Air Jordan XII introduced Zoom Air tech and contained a full-length carbon fiber wing. The full grain leather wraps this shoe with the feeling of the high quality # what ever the biggest player-inspired shoe counts. and the signature touches the loyal shoe / basketball fan base, exactly what they feel they are getting. In fact, the following parts of the shoe received qualitative details: the tongue was "TWO 3", the drawing tab had a script and a jumper, a large jumper slipped to the toe at the bottom, and the metal drummers included the trousers, AJXII

After the overwhelming success of his two direct precedents, it's no surprise that Air Jordan XIII, the "black cat" is something of a mystery. they were released in different colorways, higher and two in low colors, while proved to be one of the most comfortable and highest-performing shoes ever made, they really shared mixed opinions about JordanHeads and the everyday fans of circles and kicks in the showroom. the street humming to start in the 13's, but am when popular colors began to move stunning numbers, although some shoes sat on the shelves for some time, especially in experimental color schemes. Jordan XIII was definitely innovative in performance and support, as it was the first shoe to use the Zoom Air technology to the fullest; While the AJ13 used a lighter, simpler approach than the 12, the lateral sleeves actually provided a larger surface than the XII. It was comfortable, aerodynamic, which meant that 1 and 2 could have good braiding and less restraint. The AJXIII is still a small puzzle for Jordans students as it received its modest love from critics but was not fired immediately with the public (although the least known / worst shades can be seen for the above retail prices). Although the lucky 13th Coronation was raised to Jordan by LowStarolers, OldSkoolers disliked and appreciated little.