Air Jordan 11 – a short story

Air Jordan 11 is by far one of the most popular shoe manufacturing in footwear culture and Michael Jordan's most desirable shoe. Originally, in 1995, shoes were introduced to the creation of Tinker Hatfield, who gained his position as MJ Signature Shoe in 1988 when he first designed Air Jordan 3. Jordan's performance in shoes is nothing more than wonderful. Apart from Chicago Bulls in the 4th NBA Championship, he has also become the second athlete in history to win the Most Valued Player Award in the general season, the All-Star Game and the NBA Finals.

offers a total of 5 color options for Air Jordan 11, it does not include the less popular low-profile silhouette. In the mid 90's, since the day of straw, all original models were re-released at least once and were as popular when they were no longer popular than they were released for the first time. If you do not know the styles, you will be able to briefly summarize each of them.

AJ11 "Bred"

The first Air Jordan 11 release was the "Bred" version, a palette for the Air Jordan collection. The shoes were released in April 1995 and sold for $ 125, which steals these retro releases these days. In conjunction with the colors of the MJ and Chicago Bulls uniforms, the air Jordan 11 "Bred" black black ballistic nylon top features a black baseband, a white undercoat and a translucent sole with True Red. The iconic Jumpman logo on the ankle is embroidered by True Red. Since originally released in & # 39; 95, shoes were resold twice, once in 2001 and in 2008 as part of the Air Jordan 11/12 Countdown Pack.

AJ11 "Concord"

color version released the following to come to the "Concord" release. They are derived from the fact that they are wrapped in the patented white Dark Concord's white base. Contrasting black details are used on the inner liner and on the Jumpman logo while the white middle sole is equipped with an icy transparent outer sole. Air Jordan 11 Concord originally appeared in November 1995 and then in 2000. In 2006, they appeared at Air Jordan 6 in the Defining Moments Pack. Unlike the original design, it contained the even gilded Jumpman logo

AJ11 "Space Jam"

One of the most sought after style of Air Jordan 11 is the "Space Jam" version. They received these nicknames when Michael Jordan was first worn in the film "Space Jam", in which he appeared in 1996. The shoes have a solid black top constructed of ballistic nylon and patent leather. along the ankle, with the Jumpman logo, Varsity Royal's royal icy, bright look and delicate accents. Although Michael Jordan was made visible throughout the film, and in the 1996 NBA semi-finals, Air Jordan 11 "Space Jam" was not released in 2001. In 2001, there was a second limited edition. Both times the shoes are AJ11 "Columbia"

The Air Jordan 11 "Columbia" is as desirable as any other AJ11 color. In white garments, the shoes contain standard ballistic nylon and patented leather construction that can be used with all other non-low-top Air Jordan 11 models. The Accent colors are Columbia Blue in blue on the Jumpman logo on the "Jordan Jumpman" label over the tongue and the translucent sole. The shoes originally appeared in 1996 and 2001. However, in the 2001 version, there was no blue, translucent sole than the original pair. Instead, the translucent outer sole left a hail. Air Jordan 11 "Cool Gray" is not one of the original models that appeared in 1995-1996 when the shoes appeared in 1995-1996, but this change was not too happy.

AJ11 "Cool Gray" did not prevent them from being a hot product among collectors. The Air Jordan 11 "Cool Gray" was introduced in March 2001, six years after the first AJ11 was released. Like their counterparts, the shoes also received the nickname from the chosen color scheme in which they are used. Provides a Medium Gray finish to the top of the ballistic nylon, while Cool Gray embraces the outside of the shoe. The upper is above a white midsole that is sealed with the beloved hail-outs. Since its release in 2001, Air Jordan 11 "Cool Gray" was once again released. That's all that changes this year, even if the shoes make their first comeback in nine years.