Ace in the hole: A starting point for the new fantasy baseball number

Most baseball teams have one. You know. He is the starting knife called "staff ace" who dominates the opposition, loses the loss of stripes and is undoubtedly the best thrower to kick off the team. In fantasy baseball, these jugs are gold and their names carry a lot of weight in the table and in trade talks. However, big names do not always exist and often find themselves in the role of "second banana" in the team's rotation. The key to the fantasy baseball is to identify who sneaked out on a spot and took over the role of the ace. A big name that slipped to a peak could help you trade, and the newly discovered ace will help win the championship. Here are some teams that are currently changing at the start of the shift:

San Francisco-

Over the last few seasons, there was no doubt that Tim Lincecum is the Giants Aces Rotation. His numbers stood at the top of the championship and the value of fantasy is no question. In 2012, however, Lincecum made a strong fight and forced the Ace not only with one but two other starting pitchers. Madison Bumgarner is a growing jar. Leftists continued to improve and named themselves among the best young left-handed throwers. Matt Cain's recent perfect play and his very impressive numbers pose a threat to Lincecum.

Toronto –

Though their arguments about status 1 were widespread, Ricky Romero was the de facto ace of Blue Jays's staff. Inconsistency and poor peripheral statistics were slightly overshadowed by a fair victory. Although Romero was in the second half of last year, Brandon Morrow looks more and more like the best casino in this staff.

Oakland –

Athletics spent their useful arms in the off season, McCarthy, for many to transplant the Oakland Ace Ace. The pre-season hype trumped in many publications that McCarthy was ready to take the next step as the first launcher of the song. Although well done, the lack of injuries and strikes prevented McCarthy from taking the next step. Jarrod Parker has begun to name a few great excursions and is coming at a much cheaper price for fantasy owners. Although the "ace" tag, like a team such as athletics, is unlikely to evoke dominance, fantasy is here.

Miami –

As long as he was healthy (which was often not quite close recently), Josh Johnson was already a Marlins ace ace. He remained healthy this year, but he barely stood like himself. The opponents are attacked by more than 100 points and the ERA is about three times the size of 2011. In the bathtub, one of the best staff, is the newly arrived Mark Buerhle. His things are not close to Johnson's level, but you can not argue with the results. ERA and WHIP are considerably better than Johnson, and he has allowed half the number of free transfers.

Arizona –

After a 21 season win in 2011, Ian Kennedy could be arguing that staff ace, but Daniel Hudson is the young arm that Diamondbacks are looking at to lead the team. Instead of improving it, its numbers have been declining since mid-season trading in the desert in 2010. Fantasy owners know that Wade Miley is the young man (only 25 years old) who has been to Arizona this year. It may have apparently come out of nowhere, but Miley has already labeled the D-Backs film, and in 2012 she chose a better fantasy.

Try not to fool the big names. The jars that are supposed to be their ace do not always get a pussy.

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