60% of NBA players are broken after 5 years of retirement

The NBA Players & # 39; The association met Toronto Raptor recently to discuss the financial supervision of players and cited a statistic that was awesome in most teams during the session. It was said that 60% of NBA players broke out after just 5 years of retirement! Kidding me?!? However, this statistic is said to be an estimated raise, and some players really find it difficult to believe. Statistics can be used as a deadlock, but it is certainly up to these players to watch.

"Sixty percent of the ball is a ball game, but we've seen a lot of guys who really came down to the tough days after they left the championship in five years," said Roy Hinson, 39, a representative of the Players Association. "The problems are many guys, they have a lot of cars, they have more homes and they take care of their parents not to go any further."

"Sometimes you can stop the dull, and at other times you can not stop the bleeding," said Hinson, who added that many players were associated with "too many people."

We've all heard about NBA players' history with 15 cars and 5 holiday homes. The sad part of most of these players lack educational and support outside of their own and their families. Most of these players may take legal guidance and financial guidance, but sometimes they do not seem to be willing to do so. The players of the association consistently proposed a financial venture that provided players with free 2 opinions on their financial situation but challenged these players to action.

In October, Jason Caffey, who estimated $ 29 million in his eight-year NBA career, was a bankruptcy court seeking protection from his creditors, including the seven women with whom he had taken eight children.

Shaquille O & # 39; Neal's Miami Heat was the news lately of a court document representing its annual income as well as annual and monthly expenses. "Diesel" pays $ 156,000 a month for rents and mortgages only for property owned or leased, and for another $ 1,500 for cable TV accounts only! Of course, Shaq is on a different level than the other NBA players, with the simple fact that he earns $ 20 million a year at a payout, but this is still a great example of how much money players can spend.

Do you remember the former Chicago Bull, the 6-time NBA champion Michael Jordan and the highest 50 players at Scottie Pippen? Only two years have passed since retirement, Pippen returned to the news to try to return to NBA to a team defending champion. The NBA teams laughed at a Pippen return, which was later claimed to be based on a bad financial situation. Pippen's rise and fall was so drastic that he overseas played 2 games at the Helsinki Power ToPo power plant in Finland to make cash.

Apart from the fact that players buy a home, car, and wiring harness, we still can not forget that many of them come from more than one child from more than one woman. This is another cost that needs to be counted and supporting children for accounts that do not go away for at least 18 years. Again you can see that after 5 years of NBA career, you will receive 2-3 child support in a month, and you can spend millions of people for a long time.

Jason Kapono from Toronto Raptors explained his thoughts after the players alliance presented their material. "Above and above the above, I do not want to take part in the 60% of the time that is in trouble for five years on the road, but when it's over, my contract will only be up to 30. I have a life expectancy of 80, so still 50 years.

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