5 tips that allow successful basketball defense

Defense plays a key role in basketball. A team who folds the balls can only win if he has a great defense in place. All basketball teams need to create a functioning defense system. And a team must be well-rounded enough to play even at high intensity.

Read how the great defenders of basketball have perfected their religious movement. Make notes about what will work for you and what will not. Get your mind like a soldier who defends his nation. In basketball only, the nation is the position of the ball and the team.

Here are some security tips:

1. Learn the ball and the people. This is an imaginary line between the protected player and the man in the ball. Learn to adjust yourself to the side of the ball head basket and form a defensive triangle.

2nd Master is the "protection cover" art. Place yourself on the ball level to stop the ball before reaching the bar.

3rd Use a double down strategy if a small post player gets the ball. Learn how to duplicate the mailing team.

4th Jump to the ball and quickly adjust your position and position. Place and jump, helping to avoid front cutters and screens. This makes you a strong teammate.

5th Use the strategy of closing the strongside when a team member hand over the ball and cuts it to the basket. Jump to the bullet side and slide it across the track.

Keep in mind that defense is what ensures your team is in control of the ball, so the aspects of basketball training include the team's defense moves, post-control steps, ball defense moves, and ball defense moves.

A big basketball player who is:

1. It moves fast.

2nd Strength and endurance.

3rd Trains during the year.

4th You have a thorough knowledge of the game.

5th Communicator and Team Leader.

6th Study the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent's team before each game.

7th It can think slowly and change strategy even if there is a need for the center of the game.

8th Listening and removing notes and others.

ninth Strongly and Poorly Protect Your Protection

World Wide Web is an information highway for basketball players. There are some websites that are devoted solely to the game and are packed with coach tips, articles on training, basketball history, winning teams, great players, and sports management. Use the in-depth expert on the internet and perfect the basketball games to create a league winner team.

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