5 strategies against turning from one person to another

My current role as a mentor for coaches gives me many questions about practice and game strategies and ideas. Recently, they asked me how to overcome a team that transforms man into man. There are five ideas I want to share with you.

first On Ball Screens – One of the toughest defense tasks is the guard on the ball screen. One way to attack switch defense is on ball screens that are not suitable. The big / small / small / large on the ball screen will create permanent defensive problems. They will need to know how to choose this situation.

2nd Passing and Cutting Strategy – Projection, transfer, and cut at each gateway and does not provide protection for change. This opens the floor and allows the players to get in good position in the block areas.

3rd Run the kit. I think stocks are much more difficult to switch than straight movement. The kits are designed to display a large number of screened deviation types in # 1. The motion screens are mainly between players of similar size, so it is easier to change the protection.

4th Cutting – If it is filtered through the wing, protection requires a switch. Just before the screen point, the cutter can cut back into the basket. The question now is who has the cutter? The original guard protects him, which is contrary to his policy of switching or the control man has him, even if the cutter has not yet entered the defensive area.

5th I ask my own person – I know it sounds crazy, but think about this tactic. Let's say you made a gateway to the left wing and to the right of the screen. As the cutter uses your screen, the screen will show your own man . Why? Because he is ready to switch the cutter, but he can not because he is examining it. This really disrupts protection, as it can easily be opened on every screen. I've seen this job with a very good man against college college teams, so I know it's technically loud and good strategy to change.

Great game is any wrinkle and strategy that a coach can use. Hope this gives you some insight into attacking and defending your defense.

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