5 Reasons Why Quality Is Better Than Quantities

There are infinite number of debts when the quality is better or the quantity is better. That is, quality is always better than quantity.

Here are 5 reasons why quality is always better than the amount:

1. Excellence

People who have achieved tremendous excellence in their lives are people who are excellent one and only one aspect. Michael Jordan is a sports icon. Michael Jordan has a great athletic and kinesthetic ability. He is also burning in a competitive desire to win and exceed his limits. Although all sports require sports and a winning desire, Michael Jordan is just good at basketball. When he first retired to basketball for baseball, he became underpass. Michael Jordan can only reach his size with basketball and other sports.

2. Only excellence is properly rewarded.

People in the Olympics just look like gold medals. The hard reality is that when it reaches second place, the reward, money and influence is much lower than the first place.

3. Better Time Management

It's always easier to focus, finish the task, and go beyond doing many different tasks and one step. People by nature do not know the art of multi-tasking. You probably read a lot of emails while receiving phone calls while making a suggestion for meals. Your arrival will be nervous and tiring.

4. The essence of the brand

People are brand-conscious. Ask others what brand you think of when offering sports shoes, people say to Nike. When proposing cool models, the Apple brand name comes to mind. What does Nike and Apple contain? Both brands focus on premium quality. Not a common product that is very affordable.

5. The Importance of Specialized Knowledge

It was once said that knowledge is power. & # 39; It's just a half truth. When Henry Ford is criticized for not teaching and strangely attacking the court, he replied that he did not need to know the answers to the questions, all he needed to collect his followers who had more knowledge than he did. But what needs to be good has to be fantastic for people.

Always be a master, not a jack of all trades.

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