3 Sensational Sex Secrets That You Will Never Say (Guide to Unauthorized Girls for Love and Laziness)

Want to marry & # 39; bedroom play & # 39; to the next level? Do you want Michael Jordan to sleep in the bedroom? Well, it's better to listen and listen very close! Here's how to become the master of the bedroom.

3 Sensational Sex Secrets That You Will Never Say (The Guide to Unauthorized Girls to Love and Desire)

Get her frustrated

Why is angry sex so good? That's because it's full of emotions. You can almost feel the emotion between the two!

And that's why you need to be a little frustrated with yourself. I'm not telling you he's too angry at you – it's just an aggressive mood. Thank you for that!

Slow Prep

Take your time during the foreplay. You must understand that your whole body becomes an erotic zone when you are in a sexual state. Therefore, make sure that you do not submerge your breasts and vagina straight. Take care of your belly button, your inner thighs, and your neck under your ear. Do not forget to finish pre-game with fantastic oral sex!

With Missionary Screw

This small twist creates some fireworks in a boring situation. While the missionary, put your feet on his shoulder and lift his ass a little bit out of bed. This raised position allows you to consistently hit g-spot with threats. She literally goes crazy.

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