Archives for July 2018

The best of warriors in 11 years

There's a new feeling in Oakland, a crazy fanatic town at the NBA. Warriors have been victorious since last February, when they won 18 victories last season in 28 seasons. If they continue the strong game behind their 12-6 season, Baron Davis and his new teammates can only celebrate something in April. Even after three […]

A Bachelors

Bachelor. Listening to this word, a person, especially a woman, can think of a man who is best described as romantic novels. Someone high, dark, handsome and rich. It's the kind of guy who's sure to bounce off all the girls from his leg. The one who will break the heart when their eyes meet. […]

Welcome to the real world

I hope that when you decide to skip the dive board and the personal brand pool, you are willing to swim in the deep. In my experience, life-saving is often unavailable when you find yourself struggling to keep up the water. In my case, it was a faux swim, or at least a dignified frog-bird. […]

Basic skills needed for football

The basic skills required to master the football center by stepping on the foot of a football ball. Football rules limit players to using only their feet, their bodies or their heads to use the ball and the goals. Only the goalkeeper can use his hand to block or catch the ball to defend the […]

What SST Bowling Shoes Are Saying

SST bowling shoes are made for the most serious and most popular bowling. The product ensures that those who use them regularly will only buy them. However, after purchasing, the customer can be assured of well-designed and well-formed shoe pair. It seems strange that it must be acceptable in a competitive sport to bear something […]