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Basketball Skills – How to Defeat Higher and Powerful Players 1-on-1, 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 Games

This article takes the basketball IQ to a new level. This material has been perfected for the past 25 years by high school basketball, college basketball, urban league basketball, 3-a-3 tournaments and pick-ups nationwide . The most memorable achievement of these strategies was the finals of the 3-to-3-championship-sponsored NBA in 1995 by the NBA All […]

Basketball Positions: 5 Basketball Rankings

If we're categorized widely, basketball games have three main basketball courts: guard, forward and center. These positions are further graded, more precisely depending on the role assigned to each position, to five positions altogether. These are point guard, shooting, low forward, power forward and center. The position of each position is the responsibility of the […]

Basketball skills

Basketball is one of the most complex sports. To acquire this sport, it combines hand combinations, speed, power, agility, and most importantly the willpower. For the amateur this sport is very difficult to play, especially against the slightly tough competition. I was playing basketball since I was four and playing at the dormitory level. I […]