2010 NBA Playoff – Portland Trail Blazers vs Los Angeles Lakers?

He was very good at Portland Trail Blazers for March. The Blazers have won 13 of 11 games and are playing in the tournament. In the 2009-2010 season there were great expectations and the inspiration of the championship. If you look at Brandon Roy's right hamstring, Greg Oden and Joel Przybilla knee injuries, Portland Trail Blazers are where I want to be. Especially, the exit from eight places ensures that the Blazers do not have to play Los Angeles Lakers. Even you, the Lakers have a very hard time in the Northwest Pacific. I know that many Portland people feel that we have a great chance against the sunny boys. Take a look at why Phil Jackson hates Portland weather and raincoats.

First, Ron Artest is famous for its excellent defense. Ron has the attitude he can stand up to anyone he is playing against. But during last year's Houston play, Brandon Roy had an average of 27 ppg against Mr Defense. To illustrate this, Ron noted that Brandon Roy was the best player he ever met. And these include LeBron and Kobe. Artists can play very tight protection, but Roy was a stronger and faster step. The key to Brandon's success is Artest's ability to fight on the screens and aggressive. Also, Footwork is very important when playing with players like Artest. Portland must definitely get the ball in Roy's hand to make Artest work better. So the advantage would be for the Blazers.

Second, Portland Trail Blazer fans are the best in the NBA. This season is the 40th anniversary of Blazers and Rip City is back! Past players and community leaders have been paying tribute for many years. Blazer fans are ready for red, black and silver suits. The Rose Garden is the loudest and craziest place on earth. The Blazers have reached 3 seasons and are ready for another 21 straight games. In the past, Phil Jackson made a number of observations in the Portland game. Phil's way of expressing his heavenly adultery. "I do not like living sawdust running with saws". But Phil will feel like Portland is a cloud that does not go away. No wonder Portland at Rose Garden has won and counts 10 games out of 9. So the Blazers fans have the advantage of the Portland Trail Blazers.

And there's the Kobe Factor. No one can defend Portland Trail Blazers. Kobe is one of the highest basketball players. So, you try to slow down the kobe down as you try to stop "Sara Palin" talking. Angeles. Kobe has been a roller coaster everywhere since playing against the Blazers. Except for 16 points in the "fourth quarter 2000". But now you have to hear.

Last but not least, rivalry between the Blazers and the Lakers is one of the best in the NBA. It's like "Sunshine vs Rain." The actual appearance of Blazers has changed and fans are coming back. Black, red and silver are visible around the city. Young children are beginning to endure their favorite player uniforms. The city of Portland begins to believe and embraces the team with open arms. Hopefully we can celebrate with the kickers or any other team where we play in the playoffs. History shows that Portand Trail Blazers are back and Rip City is ready to explode. The Lakers welcome the Rose Garden. Fans know how to get up for Kobe and Phil Jackson. Soon there will be a last celebration in Rose City. I think Phil and Kobe have something to say about the party. Maybe Phil can take a "rain jacket" and Kobe is a lesser ring. If the Blazers are playing hard and they make little mistakes, maybe a tournament.