2 Proven way to stop under sex quickly

Learn how to reach your sex drive fast and automatically become the best sex partner you've ever had with her. I bet your former lovers have never had ejaculatory control, which can be followed by the tips outlined below.

Before the tips reflect on the benefits of managing the supply when you ejaculate. At first we ask the woman because she can take long enough to take orgasm. Then there is the confidence that you will get it and you will not feel bad in bed.

Anyway, enough babbling here are two ways to stop sexually explicit coming. Your problem is primarily in your mind and denying your mind that negative thoughts are what you need. Do not worry, this is not a yoga or relaxation method. It simply involves negative thoughts such as "since I've been ejaculated" and replaced with such positive thoughts as "I'm giving her orgasm this evening."

When the time of sex arrives Do not forget that your orgasm is not yours. If you do it for the first time, you can still hold a pile without even thinking of your own problems.

2nd This is a tip to stop fast arrival, older than my grandmother, but it works. It's about getting ready for ejaculation. You have to masturbate and stop before ejaculating, and then press your thumb and finger to the tip of your penis. Push it until the feeling of the orgasm passes and then continue.

After two or three strokes, continue before ejaculating. After a few days of training, you will know that you have full ejaculation control.

It's not just for yourself, but for a woman to learn how to achieve a quick arrival in sex.